Getting What You Need

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

My sister came to visit last week and couldn’t believe the stockpile of non-perishables I had accumulated in my pantry. I told her I had begun doing as much of my shopping online to save time. To save more money, I buy in bulk. Unfortunately she lives out in the country so she doesn’t have internet access at her house even though her neighbor does. We got online and found wildblue deals for her area. She wrote down the number to give them a call. I hope she is able to get internet access. I’m sure being able to order the things she uses regularly will be even bigger savings for her. Gas is getting so expensive and she lives so far from everything. I told her to make sure to pay attention to the sites that offer free shipping too. That’s where you get the most savings! You can pay the same amount as you would in the store but not have to pay for the gas to get what you need!

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