A portrait series of, and in collaboration with, the non-binary, transgender and cis women of the high desert.


I am honored to present to you some of the women who fuel the art scene of the high desert. Their vision, their character, their art; applied by their hands to these images, which I was privileged to create for them. The portraits were taken in locations of their choosing, in parts of the Mojave where they feel the highest vibration of connection. There, we preserved a sacred space in time, to reflect on the source: where the inspiration of their work flows from, the female ancestors and mentors who they've learned from and this environment where they've acknowledged and harnessed their power.

My Dear Sisters,

I applaud your style.
I celebrate your passion.
I honor your vision. 
I value your persistence/resistance
I am grateful for your contributions to this community and the ways in which you continuously inspire and empower other women.  

With Gratitude & Love,  

Carly Valentine



An expansive future is on the horizon!

Let's start here.



The idea is to take portraits of the female-identifying creatives in the high desert, using a large format camera.  Each person will be presented with their image and will apply their medium of choice to it.  The collection will then be displayed in a show which will not only highlight (and fully credit) their work, but will also be an introduction to our community of a Women's Collective that is in the beginning stages of planning. 



The unveiling of this series is intended to put the collective in motion. The images will be displayed at a fundraising event to support finding a permanent space for all of us to gather, sit in circle, host events and workshops, etc.  


photograph the Daughters of the Desert


each creative adds their artwork to their portrait


exhibit the series, raise funds, establish a permanent space for a Women's Collective 


use the Women's Collective space as a foundation for healing, creation, collaboration, social change, expansion, education, and community. 





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