Daughters of the Desert



You are a high desert creative, who connects with and gains inspiration from this landscape.  
You value our community.  
You strive to empower and honor every woman within it.  

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ below

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the project about?

- The focus is on featuring the work of the women of the desert and to establish a women’s collective.


What is the collaboration aspect?

- You will receive a print, on which you apply your medium of choice.  No rules apply to this aspect, you express yourself however you'd like.  It could be heavily involved or you could just sign your name to the image; whatever feels best to you.  I will then collect all of the completed pieces for the show.


What if I don’t identify with the language within the project?

- Any word that I’ve used to describe the project is not intended to label, confine, limit or define anyone.  Furthermore, this project is not mine alone and I’m excited for the collective space to be established for this very reason:  it will be a place where we can have important conversations such as this.  

- Please know that this project is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, in whichever ways you prefer to define it.  This includes transgender, gender fluid, non-binary and more.  We have nothing but love and respect for our community as a whole.  


How do I schedule a portrait session?

- Click the "schedule a session" button above and choose which date/time works best for you.  Currently, I am shooting two portraits a day: one in the early morning and one around sunset.  Please mark the appointment that you choose in your own calendar or planner, you'll also receive email reminders as your date approaches.  Also, If you don't see a desired date posted it’s because I’m not available due to work or my personal life.  


Where should we shoot?

- Ideally, the location for our shoot will be at the place that inspires you the most.  You are not limited to the JTNP, but it must be in the high desert (the low desert already has the incredible WYLD WOMXN, so we want to focus on establishing a collective in our area).  Let me know the day before the shoot, or in the scheduling form, where you'd like to go.


How many photos do you shoot?

- I’m using two 4x5 negatives per person, just to make sure we got the shot.


What should I wear?

- Whatever you feel best in… however comfy or glam you want to be.  I hope for you to be an accurate representation of yourself: whether that be what you look like while working in your studio, how you dress to curate your life as an extension of your work, or your favorite fancy outfit that you’ve been dying to wear.  Just keep in mind that the film is black and white.  If you need a guide: patterns, texture, contrast, and shine are good things to focus on.  


What should I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

- Please follow the links provided in your booking confirmation email to cancel or reschedule appointments.